Monday, October 6, 2008

Insemination Update

Well Friday went ok...i think. Toodles and I had DD and KS over for tea and to do the deed, it was a little awkward but i guess it was like all the other times. DD and KS go of to do their thing while Toodles and I patiently wait on the couch. I don't feel too confident about this months try, I think my dates were a little off but secretly i'm praying it worked..fingers crossed :) These first few days of the 2ww have flown, i havent really thought about it like the other trys..I guess i'm not really expecting anything. I'm not sure how Toodles is felling about it, she tends to keep to herself. We are trying to focus on the wedding has been postponed twice now, i just want to get it over with! Toodles has found a perfect place, it is right where we were the night we had dinner before she proposed. It's lovely and I finally get to have my beach wedding..yay :)

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