Monday, July 13, 2009

Sick :(

This is day two of being home sick with the flu. I love sick days but don't like the sick bit too much :( Not much to report on the pregnancy front..we have peed on a few sticks but all have shown up negative (yes I know it's still too early) I do have extreamly sore boobs and the nose of a sniffer dog lol, ok I developed this awesome sense of smell when I was on the fertillity drugs and even with the flu I can still smell (but can't taste anything..weird). We have blood tests on Friday so fingers crossed. Pinky and Bluey are at their father this week for school holidays so it's been pretty relaxing around here. Toodles and I will be going to see P!NK next Monday so really excited about that...we finally got around to booking our Hotel room yesterday but had to go to the next suburb as everything else has been booked out in advance, like two months in advance. Yay so excited!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Pinky

Backdated 30/6/09

The school councilor left a message for us yesterday to give her a call about Pinky . Apparently she is not going very well at school (which we already knew about) and they need to do an assessment on her to determine how high her needs really are. I feel bad for the her, but at least she’s in the right school if she does have a learning disability (they are a mixed school with handicap children and mainstream school children). We had Bluey’s interview last week and he is at the top of his class, apparently he and another little girl compete lol. His teacher said how he was a wonderful little boy and she could talk about him all day…..yes we were impressed J
Not much to report on the fostering side of things. They told her that they would definitely get back to us before the end of June so we just have to sit tight. We do have a lot of stuff going on in our lives at the moment with work, the kids and our insemination schedule. My Annual Team Building conference at Couran Cove is coming up so that’s something to get excited about J

Toodles Birthday weekend and Artificial Insemination

Backdated 26/6/09

On Thursday we had our first clinic appointments with the councilor and Dr. The councilor was very impressed with our knowledge and took down notes on what we were telling her (well we have been researching this for a while now!) She was lovely and I wouldn’t mind going back to see her again. Dr Carey sounded very keen to get started and pshyced us up for inseminating in 2 weeks, then we had our nurse appointment on Friday and she pretty much crushed those hopes. Poor Toodles looked like she wanted to punch her out. Turns out we have to wait for my blood tests to come back….oh and I have to give myself needles (apparently this gives us a bigger chance of twins, Toodles is very excited about this.). By this point I was starting to hate this chick. We will now be inseminating next month L
Toodles birthday was on Sunday so we went away to the Sunshine Coast for 2nights. Caloundra was very nice and we stayed in waterfront cabins until we were evacuated due to flooding and they moved us to Maroochydore. Sunday we drove 4 and a half hours to Millmerran to visit Toodles grandmothers grave (she hasn’t been back to visit since they buried her 7years ago). Toodles was very close to her as she was the only granddaughter so it was very emotional for her to go see her. The memorial park was lovely and we also visited grandfather Joe (who Lukas talks to) and Debbie (Toodles fathers sister who died when she was 1yr). We then stopped at a nice pub that we would definitely go back to. There’s just something about small towns that just feel so welcoming. We also stopped at the Big Pineapple for ice-cream and the Aussie world pub. It was such a great weekend that I must admit I’m sad to be back home L

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The we wait

Fridays insemination didnt go as smooth as I would have liked, the Valium kicked in before I went in but once I was in that room it didn't help. We had a new doctor as ours was away on holidays but he was the nicest bloke and was very understanding of my anxiety about anyone touching my 'lady town'. I guess it didn't hurt that much but was more uncomfortable than anything else...I think I even bit poor toodles on the hand. I was actually still leaking the 'stuff' until last night which was odd as when we used DD it leaked out within an hour, I guess it's because it was squirted up so high this time. Sorry that was too much information..but this is supposed to be a baby blog so i'm sure when i'm preg I will be writting worse things lol. The dr said that 20 is a great age to have a baby so lets hope his right and all goes well :) Now we are on the 2ww rollercoaster feels good to be back in the game!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scan...oh no wait they meant internal!

Today went really well, only one folical that measured 16mm so we are ready to go on Friday! They have given me a trigger injection to do tomorrow instead of my normal FSH...its a whopper, I really don't know how i'm going to go doing it myself :S When we got in the ultrasound room he told me to take off my pant and he would be back in a sec, I was like what! So he came back in and grabbed his MASSIVE wand and stuck a condom on it, yes I was scarred..I squeezed the crap outta Toodles hand. Anyways we had a little bit of trouble because I was so tensed up (it was bloody uncomfortable) so now our Dr has advised the nurses to dose me up with vallium before our insemination attempt...I wonder if i'm the only person who has needed that, I am such a wuss! Fingers crossed x