Monday, November 24, 2008

not this month

our donor had's round over already :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm now Mrs Toodles!

Hey everyone,
Things have been so hectic so havent posted in a while. Toodles and I finally did it, we got married! The day before I was like bridezilla times 10 (well donna did leave me with 3kids in the middle of a shopping mall and went to the pub but told me that she was leaving to pick up the cake and my bridesmaid who was waiting at the train station for an hr!) anyways we managed to get everything done in time and when I arrived at the ceremony it was perfect! Toodles was waiting at the end of the Isle for me with her best mans and cute, I will still have that image in my head for as long as i'll live. Toodles was just soo gorgeous..I cannot put it into words how much I love her and how my heart skipped like 5 beats when I saw her, it still blows me away! My head is still too overloaded to fully re-cap the days events..will have to repost later.

On the baby front we are about to strat trying this month. We had a scare 2weeks ago when KS and DonorD broke up (ok I was supportive to KS when she turned up on our door step at 11pm in tears but I did feel a lil bit sorry for me which I know is totally selfish) but all is good they are now back together and taking things slow, donor D said no matter what he will still honor his promise and give us a child (which i was so not expecting). Anyway very hectic week and I'm still just starting to come back to reality.