Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday morning rant!

Toodles has cancelled our insemination this month with our donor, never consulted me about it and I didn't get told about this until yesterday when I said make sure their prepared in 3 days. How can she do this, we have been trying so hard and this month she wants a break for no good reason! I'm angry, i'm hurt....i'm supposed to be marrying this women in 3 weeks and she has done so many things this past month to make me think less of her. What gives her the right to do this, she at least could have discussed it with me as ultimatly it concerns me too! I feel as though we have put in all this ground work to get where we are and now we keep delaying it. There is more fuel she's added to the fire but i'll leave it at that. How can i trust her?

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