Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Overdue birth story.

Now that my baby is now 14 weeks old I am finally typing up his birth story...yes I have been very slack...ok just over tired and busy with the boy.

On the 9th of November I went in to get induced 2 weeks early as I was having complications (with myself not bub). Throughout my pregnancy I got gestational diabeties and became insulin dependant (thanks to all the previous needles to get pregnant I wasnt too scared but had to inject myself three times a day), had heart palpitations, high blood pressue (at the start of my pregnancy it was low blood pressure) gall stones and problems with my liver. I was told my body was trying to shut itself down because it wasn't coping with being pregnant.

I stayed in hospital overnight and at around 7am on the 10th of November I started getting my first contractions and was told to get Toodles in asap. My mother and my god mother were also in the birthing suit with us. I was in so much pain but had bearly started so they gave me the gas but that made me sick so I gave up on that. I had the drs come in at around 10am to break my waters which I screamed through...after that they made sure I got an epidural before they came near me again (ok I am a pretty big sissy, I acted like I was dying). They came and gave me an epidural soon after which was just as painful as they hit a nerve and I was trying my hardest to stay still...I think mum and Toodles ended up having to hold me there in the end. After that it was smooth sailing and I even managed to have 2 naps and eat several cups of ice chips. I was forbidden to eat anything else as they thought I may have had to go in for a c-section and my sugar levels were going up and down.

Toodles was told by the nurse that she would be able to deliver the baby herself which she was excited about and sat down the end of my bed for 4 hrs waiting for the action but nothing was happening. The nurse checked me and I was only about 6cm dialated and hadn't moved for several hrs which concerened the drs..they were giving me another hr before they would decide if I would be rushed for a c-section or not because the baby's heart beat was going up and down (not bad enough to worry them though) about half an hr later I felt a pop and told the nurse so she checked me again and I was 10cm dialated, she said she could also feel the babys head moving from side to side like it was trying to break out. I was told to give a few little pushes and sure enough the baby was coming. The nurse ran out of the room to get the dr because the babys heart beat was getting faster and faster. It all pretty much a blur but I had mum videoing and rubbing my back, Donna holding my hand and holding up spew bags for me because I couldnt stop vomiting and my god mother was down the other end watching all the action and taking pictures. Then all of these drs and nurses started piling in my room (I wasnt scared at the time but Toodles told me how horrifying it was when watching the video I had 2 drs and 3 nurses) the peadiatriction was also there heating up his little humidicrib bed and getting his oxegen mask ready. I kept watching the screan that showed his and my heartbeat, bubs heartbeat went up to around 180bpm then 60bpm then dropped of the screen all within a minute (I was told it's supposed to be between 120 and 160). The dr told me I needed to get him out and held up the scissors ready to cut me...Toodles freaked out and told me I needed to push now...which I did as hard as he could and he slid out. I kept thinking ' why isn't my baby crying'. He was so grey and not moving...I think they suctioned him then stuck him straight on me and gave him infant heart massage. It took him a while but he finally let out a squeal. They then told me I had to be rushed in for surgery as I had a forth degree tear from his shoulder being caught on the way out (for those who dont know a forth degree tear is a tear from your bum hole to your front). They took my baby away and got me to fill out forms for blood transfusion and other things..I think toodles had to sign some for me as I was so drugged out. He was born at 7:22pm. Then they took me away with toodles running down the hall way behind me crying. I was in there for about 2 hrs with surgens and drs everywhere and had one asking me questions about my baby keeping me awake, its pretty bad I was so out of it I couldnt tell them a thing about the baby I just had, I didnt even know his name or weight or length. When I came out they took me to my room then mum, Vicki and Donna came in with the baby. They stayed for a bit then mum and vicki went home and Donna stayed to spend some time with us. At this point I didnt even want to hold the baby I just wanted to sleep so Donna held him till they kicked her out then she put him in his crib. I couldnt pick up my baby or do anything for him as I couldnt feel my legs and was hooked up to drips and machines, I had to call the nurses when I wanted to feed him. They came in 2 hrs later and did his sugar levels then took him away to the special care nursery because they were low due to me having diabeties while pregnant and didnt bring him back till morning.

I will write more later as this is turning into a novel :)