Monday, October 13, 2008

the waiting game...

Still a terrible headache though but still no sign of AF. Toodles is bringing home some testers for us tonight so I guess we will just wait and see, we still have 3 days till our 2ww is up.
On another topic we did end up getting our dresses. They apparently sold my wedding dress the second day it was put back out in the showroom and had ordered another one for there stock which they gave me and all our bridesmaids and page boy suits were there. As soon as we walked through the door the girl at the counter ran out and got the manager who bagged everything up for us and sent us on our way..all that getting fired up for nothing! The day after I tried on my dress to make sure it still fitted and noticed two big runs down the back where they pinned it on the manequin..not happy, so it looks like I'm going back next weekend.
My mother liked the bridesmaids dresses but when I pulled mine out she turned up her nose and all she did was pick at it! Here I was standing in my dress almost in tears while she told me everything that was wrong with it, not once did she say 'thats pretty or thats nice'. Toodles was standing there in the room with us trying her hardest to bite her tongue..I'm glad she was there or I probably would have broken down. My mother can be so hurtful sometimes..she has no regards for anyone but herself, my step father was over the moon that I asked him to walk me down the isle...why can't my mother at least pretend that she cares, just for one day?
Anyway better get back to work and stop ranting, fingers crossed for the preg test tonight :)

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