Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I feel like i've been hit by a truck!

yep no chance now...definatly AF, the cramping is horrendous and i'm not talking about the normal cramping oh no, it's like the I want to keel over and die cramping! A co-worker came in this avo with her new 1week old buba...he was the cutest thing ever and I so wanted to cry but I don't think that would have gone down too well. I guess i'm still feeling sorry for myself, it's not like I was let down too bad as i didn't feel pregnant, still I had a little bit of hope though. I was dropping Little Pinkie off at school the other day when she asks 'when will the baby be here', we used to say 'when mummy and I get back from Thailand', then it was 'after the wedding' now it's turned into 'after Christmas', she then groaned with disapointment 'aww this is taking forever, why couldn't you put the baby in your tummy sooner'! Yep wish it was that simple kid.
Little Bluey asks questions too but he normally has the answers to tell us! He speaks to Grandfather Joe (his great grandfather that passed away long before he was even born) and talks to his little sister Ella (he tells us it's the baby who got sick and had to go back to heaven and she'll be back when she's better), the Ella thing started when I lost the baby a few months back and constantky talks about her..we never named her Ella so I have no idea where this came from and we never even mentioned to the kids that I was pregnant in the first place. He's a very special little boy that probably needs a whole post of his own to explain all the other strange things he's told us..maybe another day.
On the Toodles front the wedding plannings are going full speed and so are the arguments, makes me remember why I put it off before...oh the joys of it all!

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