Thursday, October 23, 2008

the poor me post

Today is just another crappy day. I'm sooky and tired, everything sucks! We are due for another insemination attempt next week. I'm finding its a battle trying to control my emotions, i'm angry at the world and poor Toodles is coping the brunt of it. I'm constantly thinking about babies and getting my hopes up..I'm finding it hard to function as a human being! We have so many events coming up, the wedding is in 3weeks and i'm so stressed! Christmas is fast approaching and it's just another sad reminder that we still have no buba in our arms and Pinky and Bluey will be at their this year sucks a big fat one! Last year thats what we had our hope set on, a new little baby in the family (or at least be very close to having one).
I'm not feeling good about anything anymore, will we ever get there??

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