Thursday, October 8, 2009

Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Thats how many times I will probably test by Sunday. I know I said that I will wait till then as it would have been 10 days since insem but I really can't wait that do they expect me to wait until the following friday for blood testing! I think I am going to cave and buy a test tonight while Toodles is at work. I know I really have no patience when it come to things like this! Also in recent news Bluey has moved in with his father full time as we have been having problems with him lately as he is always wanting to go there and having no regards for our family or anyone else for that matter. Hopefully he realises it's not all fun and games over there and comes home soon. We have seen baby Ahlia for the past two weekend and she is changing so fast...I wish I could just take her home. Hopefully we have one soon :)

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