Friday, October 30, 2009

Insemination 3

Yesterday we had insemination number 3, the drs were wrong and my hormone levals did fact they more then doubled over night. My estrogen was at 1267 and LH levels were at 17, making this the highest amount of hormones I have had for insem day. This also could be because we had three eggs, 1 good developing egg which roughly got to around 20mm by yesterady and 2 smaller eggs (not sure of the size though). If things do not work out this month I will be having a break, I cannot keep pumping myself with is taking over my life! At least if we need to do another cycle I can claim on medicare as technically they will class me as medically infertile opposed to socially infertile which I am now. It's a bit daunting though being classed as medically infertile, that means my body really is no good and i'll feel more of a failure then I already do now. Like I keep telling everyone....I just want it to be over! Hopefully I will make it through the 2ww.

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