Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want to get of this ride!

Went in for bloods today..another collapsed vein in my right arm so had to get a second jab in the same spot as yesterday, it hurt like a mother! We will either be going for insem tomorrow (friday) or saturday depending on my blood results that I have to wait to get back at 3pm. This morning didn't start so good...firstly it took 15mins to convince myself to give me a jab with the Gonal F pen, which by the way ended with me being a blubering glad toodles wasn't home to see that. Then blubering on the poor nurse when she had to go in the other arm for bloods and her having to listen about how everything sucks and I can't do it anymore. So im pretty sure im about to ovulate (and so is the nurse) because of how emotional I am, I have turned into a crying sissy...i'm normally a hard Anyways I need to lip up and get on with it.
Today is my sis Lily's birthday....this day 5yrs ago she made me so clucky and want a baby of my own, I can't even describe the overwelming feeling I had...I was only 17! Happy 5th birthday my lil chicken.

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