Thursday, November 12, 2009

No news is good news right?

Today I was supposed to go in for pregnancy blood tests, this didn't happen due to work comitments and has been put off until next tuesday. Aunt flo hasn't showed herself yet but if she does i'm expecting it will be either today or tomorrow. I have been so sick the past 3 days, I really think it's gastro (secretly i'm hoping it's something else). On Monday it will be Toodles and mine 1yr wedding anniversary, we were going to celebrate by going to the sunshine coast but have now changed our mind and are staying in byron bay for 2nights. The beach, bush walks, walking to the light house and good food....i'm looking forward to it. Most of all i'm looking forward to getting away with my Toodles. I pray AF doesnt come and ruin our weekend away!

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