Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm cool, calm and collected (for now)

Last night we finally came to a decision on what we are doing with the kids next year. Dickhead has now refused to do one week on and one week off and wants them full time (this is definatley not in the best interest of the children as they wouldn't cope their full time, they are struggling now and it's only been 1 month!). We have decided we will have them for the first week and on the following Monday then they spend time with nanny and poppy on tuesday, dickhead has them on his usual wednesday, they spend thursday with nanny and poppy then dickhead has them friday through till Monday morning when he drops them off at school. This way the kids get to spend time with all the important people in their lives and we still get a week to ourselves. I must say I finally feel at peace with everything, ok as much peace as I can feel without going into how sad I am about another christmas with no baby. How many more Christmases will I be feeling like this?

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