Monday, July 13, 2009

Sick :(

This is day two of being home sick with the flu. I love sick days but don't like the sick bit too much :( Not much to report on the pregnancy front..we have peed on a few sticks but all have shown up negative (yes I know it's still too early) I do have extreamly sore boobs and the nose of a sniffer dog lol, ok I developed this awesome sense of smell when I was on the fertillity drugs and even with the flu I can still smell (but can't taste anything..weird). We have blood tests on Friday so fingers crossed. Pinky and Bluey are at their father this week for school holidays so it's been pretty relaxing around here. Toodles and I will be going to see P!NK next Monday so really excited about that...we finally got around to booking our Hotel room yesterday but had to go to the next suburb as everything else has been booked out in advance, like two months in advance. Yay so excited!

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