Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scan...oh no wait they meant internal!

Today went really well, only one folical that measured 16mm so we are ready to go on Friday! They have given me a trigger injection to do tomorrow instead of my normal FSH...its a whopper, I really don't know how i'm going to go doing it myself :S When we got in the ultrasound room he told me to take off my pant and he would be back in a sec, I was like what! So he came back in and grabbed his MASSIVE wand and stuck a condom on it, yes I was scarred..I squeezed the crap outta Toodles hand. Anyways we had a little bit of trouble because I was so tensed up (it was bloody uncomfortable) so now our Dr has advised the nurses to dose me up with vallium before our insemination attempt...I wonder if i'm the only person who has needed that, I am such a wuss! Fingers crossed x

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