Sunday, July 5, 2009

Toodles Birthday weekend and Artificial Insemination

Backdated 26/6/09

On Thursday we had our first clinic appointments with the councilor and Dr. The councilor was very impressed with our knowledge and took down notes on what we were telling her (well we have been researching this for a while now!) She was lovely and I wouldn’t mind going back to see her again. Dr Carey sounded very keen to get started and pshyced us up for inseminating in 2 weeks, then we had our nurse appointment on Friday and she pretty much crushed those hopes. Poor Toodles looked like she wanted to punch her out. Turns out we have to wait for my blood tests to come back….oh and I have to give myself needles (apparently this gives us a bigger chance of twins, Toodles is very excited about this.). By this point I was starting to hate this chick. We will now be inseminating next month L
Toodles birthday was on Sunday so we went away to the Sunshine Coast for 2nights. Caloundra was very nice and we stayed in waterfront cabins until we were evacuated due to flooding and they moved us to Maroochydore. Sunday we drove 4 and a half hours to Millmerran to visit Toodles grandmothers grave (she hasn’t been back to visit since they buried her 7years ago). Toodles was very close to her as she was the only granddaughter so it was very emotional for her to go see her. The memorial park was lovely and we also visited grandfather Joe (who Lukas talks to) and Debbie (Toodles fathers sister who died when she was 1yr). We then stopped at a nice pub that we would definitely go back to. There’s just something about small towns that just feel so welcoming. We also stopped at the Big Pineapple for ice-cream and the Aussie world pub. It was such a great weekend that I must admit I’m sad to be back home L

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