Saturday, July 4, 2009

The we wait

Fridays insemination didnt go as smooth as I would have liked, the Valium kicked in before I went in but once I was in that room it didn't help. We had a new doctor as ours was away on holidays but he was the nicest bloke and was very understanding of my anxiety about anyone touching my 'lady town'. I guess it didn't hurt that much but was more uncomfortable than anything else...I think I even bit poor toodles on the hand. I was actually still leaking the 'stuff' until last night which was odd as when we used DD it leaked out within an hour, I guess it's because it was squirted up so high this time. Sorry that was too much information..but this is supposed to be a baby blog so i'm sure when i'm preg I will be writting worse things lol. The dr said that 20 is a great age to have a baby so lets hope his right and all goes well :) Now we are on the 2ww rollercoaster feels good to be back in the game!

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