Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Pinky

Backdated 30/6/09

The school councilor left a message for us yesterday to give her a call about Pinky . Apparently she is not going very well at school (which we already knew about) and they need to do an assessment on her to determine how high her needs really are. I feel bad for the her, but at least she’s in the right school if she does have a learning disability (they are a mixed school with handicap children and mainstream school children). We had Bluey’s interview last week and he is at the top of his class, apparently he and another little girl compete lol. His teacher said how he was a wonderful little boy and she could talk about him all day…..yes we were impressed J
Not much to report on the fostering side of things. They told her that they would definitely get back to us before the end of June so we just have to sit tight. We do have a lot of stuff going on in our lives at the moment with work, the kids and our insemination schedule. My Annual Team Building conference at Couran Cove is coming up so that’s something to get excited about J

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