Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scan tomorrow!

Tomorrow we have our first scan to see when we will beready to inseminate. Hopefully there will be one or two good sized embrios in there so that we can start...any more then two this cycle will be a cancelled (fingers crossed). I am more confident in doing my own needles now as toodles has had to work early the past two mornings, I actually think I prefer doing them myself (they seem to hurt less lol). Today I found out the kids after school care teacher (also our friend and her daughter has sleep overs with little Pinky) had to have a medical abortion three weeks ago. She was three months along and she found out at the ultrasound that the bub had no brain or facial features, she had a little boy and received pictures of him yesterday. I feel so sad for her and her daughter who is devistated. I only pray that things go right for toodles and I this time, these hormones are making me really emotional.

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