Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hump day, yay!

Things have settled down a bit in the house of crazy. I have gotten to know Smokie alot better over this week, we have decided that we want to do this baby thing together. She is going on 28 and without a partner but wants a baby almost as badly as I do. I took her on a tour of all the sperm donor directorys on the net and talked her through how its done, I'm so excited at the prospect that we could be on this journey together :) Toodles has been a little jealous at all the time i've been spending with her though..it's hard to explain but Smokie just gets me, we are so similar it's uncanny. KS is still rocking the boat at home and I don't think ignoring it will make the problem go away. She told us she had no money and that she really needed to pay of all her credit cards, so stupid us are letting her stay there and just pay for food...she went out yesterday and bought a $28,000 car WTF??? Not impressed.

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