Sunday, February 1, 2009

12 Days and counting!

Well our next insemination is on Friday the 13th, wonder if it will be good or bad luck?? I have been speaking to the donor almost every day, he is a great guy and am so happy we choose him. If I was straight he would definatley be the sort of guy I would go for!
The kids have started back at school...It's Bluey's first year and Pinkie's first year at that school, so far she is loving it and hasnt had a problem making friends, Bluey has his first day tomorrow. They both look so cute in their uniforms that I had to give them an extra squishy hug. Things at home have slightly improved and even though Smokie is over quite a bit now I really am enjoying the extra help for once. KS on the other hand is still as selfish as ever and even called Pinkie a bitch after she broke a 'pinky swear' promise not to tell on KS after she smoked all over her in the car. The kid is 7 for goodness sake and we have had many conversations on not keeping secrets that are bad (Toodles is a smoker and Pinky thinks that is the worst thing ever).
I really am confident about trying this month. I have been taking my vitamins and am inseminating a day before ovulation so I know I havent missed it. Please cross all your fingers and toes for my guys :)

On a sadder note a lady I work with may lose her grandchild over the next week. Her daughters dr told her that it looks like the baby had stopped growing and she is going in for more testing next week on Tuesday. To top it all off she may also have the measles but the hospital told her it was only a rash and gave her steroids even though they new it could hurt the baby. They are very upset and my collegue has been secretly crying in her office this past week. Please keep the whole family in your prayers.

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