Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's My Cookie??

I had a great time on Saturday, all my family and friends from work came. Toodles hired a jukebox and kareoke machine and we stayed up till late dancing and singing, yep our neighbours love I also had a shock when my brother pulled me aside to tell me that he just found out his gf was pregnant and was freaking out (they are 19 and 18), my parents still don't know. I was so excited, i'm going to be an aunty! It really is a catch 22, im really excited for them but on the other hand i'm crushed as we have been trying for so long and they didn't even plan it.
Pinkie and Bluey came home it mean of me to want to send them back? We have KS and our other mate 'Smokie' over. All they have done for the past 3 days is drink and smoke themselves stupid. I really am over the house sharing, they have taken over the kids space and KS dog wees and poos all over the house and she wont even clean it up..not to mention that she still literally stalks DD. I really miss the 2 weeks that I had with just Toodles! I want my life back, i'm sad and 21 but feel more like 40. What is wrong with me! I'm really struggling, I dont want to be here but I cant leave. Oh and to top my lovely weekend of my cars engine has blown up on me.
The world owes me a cookie today!

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