Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's all good.

Had the biggest skitzo last night! Toodles turned up home with another tag along (this happens often). We already have a full house so I really am over it, I really like my personal space. After 3hours of horrible words between us we just gave up and went to bed. It's like i'm talking to a brick wall! I think things have cooled off now, she is in the middle of ordering my Birthday Cake for tomorrow. Even though it's a month over due im having my 21st party. Should be interesting. Toodles has orderd a juke box and kareoke machine :)
I have been talking to our donor a bit over the past few days (i'm in the middle of talking to him on face book now lol), he is really nice and has offered a shoulder to lean on anytime. He really listens to what i have to say, its great! I know I have made the right choice by going with him.

I just feel yuck! My heart hurts, my tummy hurts and now my head hurts. I just wish Toodles and I could be happy, life really wasn't ment to be like this.

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