Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New housemate

Well yesterday we aquired a new house buddy. DD and his gf KS have split for good so KS has moved in with us. I've already had a bit of a tiff with Toodles about it, now I can't just be me. Yesterday when I heard her car pull up I had to run to get changed (i was on the couch in a singlet and was 8pm), I feel like I can't just snuggle with Toodles on the couch or do our usual little smoochy things. It makes it even more awkward when she's letting of steam about DD and saying how bad he is when he is giving me the biggest gift of all. Yes it's horrible that he ended their relationship but if they haven't been happy for a while isn't it the best thing for both of them? We have agreed on trying again next month and have spoken to him a few times in the past week. Poor Toodles is getting over all the baby talk, I know she is feeling it too but she chooses not to speak about her feelings much. I am over all the baby talk too, I just wish I could move on and have the attitude 'it happens when it happens'. I dwell on things too much and it just ends up depressing me, I know i'm young and I have plenty of time but what if something happens and I don't? Because I don't have a partner who can shoot sperm whenever I want it I spend all month planning for that one day, it's hard!
I'm glad I have this place to vent or I don't know what I would do.
Thanks for listening guys :)

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