Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heres the 3rd bad thing!

Didn't I say that everything happens to me in threes? My boss gave me a letter yesterday to say she wants to meet with me about my work performance dropping...the kicker is that it is for this avo and she only let me know yesterday avo, way to kick me when i'm down! Anyway I'm at the point now where it's getting so hard to work here. My boss is still playing games with my head eg: taking my back up tapes and hiding them in her drawer, when I asked for them back she said she found all three sitting near the printer (I would never have them all out at once and I guard those tapes with my life!) She throws little tantrums about things and throws stuff around, when I am looking for a document it mysteriously turns up in my in-tray buried under piles of stuff.
Like seriously what sick person gets gratification from that>? Then she always puts on the act and is a sweet as pie! Anyways I'm getting over it..and we still don't even have aircon and it has gotten of 40 degrees here....so not healthy. I have got an interview this avo for an after school care and vacation care position which is just down the road from home..so hope I get it, it would be perfect. I would still be able to go to all my hospital appointments and not miss work and I am even willing to take a pay cut for this! I would love to be the stay at home mum during the day that can volunteer at the kids tuck shop and attend assemblies and sports carnivals...oh what the life.

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