Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I?

Am I pregnant? I really do feel different this time around and more hopefull that I am. Sami from work thinks I am (she does tarot card readings and Phsycic readings), I just feel more in tune with myself at the moment. I must say this day has started out challenging though....Toodles had a rock put through her back window and it's costing $560 to fix! This is so not what I wanted when we are almost a month behind on the mortgage and have all our IUI expenses to top it off. Poor Bluey has a staph infection because of the poor living condition at his fathers, it started out as school sores and the antibiotics we got for him wasn't working so now it's so much worse. The school called me this morning saying he was sent to school sick with bloodshot, glazed over eyes and was vomiting. They were at there fathers last night and he dropped the kids off this morning, I think he may have overdosed Bluey on his antibiotics like he did to Pinky several months ago...grrr soooo mad! Yesterday we also found out he and his gf are getting married while over in America and their trip to Disney Land is only lasting a day (the second day after they get of a 12hr flight) and are making the children sit in a car for hrs a day while they travel...not to mention that they are going for 3 weeks and they will be off school for 2 of those weeks! Their father is the most irresponsible person I know and his partner is supposed to be a teacher! sorry I sould step of my 'vent' box now.

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