Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to where it all started

Sometimes I wish I could go back to wear Toodles and I first begun, we were niave and care free...oh how I miss those days. I miss being happy and how Toodles and I had so much more affection for each other and how we did nice things such as bring each other flowers just because we felt like it, we wrote each other notes and left them on the bench and sent smoochie text messages to each other. Ever since we have started this baby making journey we have drifted further apart each month we try, we snap at each other and need more time to ourselves. Sometimes I don't know who we are anymore when we are in the middle of a screaming match or throwing things around the house, I just want the old us back. I am willing to work and get back to where we were but Toodles won't even acknowledge that we have problems, If I bring it up she tells me I'm the one with the problem not her. How am I supposed to work on our marriage when she is not even willing to try or see that we have problems? I don't know how to fix the mess that I call 'my life'.

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