Monday, March 2, 2009


We were so sure, but obviously god has other plans for us. We were so excited when AF didnt show herself on saturday, then on sunday she hit with a vengance! Toodles was devistated and was teary all top it all of it was her fathers b'day and we were hosting a bbq lunch. We have sorted things out with our donor and have realised a few things about KS that we really don't like...for one her compulsive lying and trying to put a wedge between us smokie and DD. Things got a little too much yesterday and I broke down at work in front of my collegues and clients...good stuff. They ended up letting me go home and today have been so nice, my boss even offered a shoulder to cry on and the number of our centres councelling service (am I really that bad, well I guess i'm a little obsessive...just a little!). Toodles has caved and wants to use our donor again this month which is also next week on friday the 13th...unlucky or what, and the icing on the cake is that it was supposed to be DD and KS wedding day. After everything that I have found out this weekend about her it makes using her special day so much sweeter (yes i am a biatch)! I'm trying to keep this as a trying to concieve blog and for things about my family so i'm not going to waste my time detailing all the things KS has been doing. Pinky and Bluey are at there fathers this weekend and Toodles is working all weekend so i'm spending some much needed quality time with smokie...looking forward to it:)

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