Wednesday, March 11, 2009

45 Minutes...

Thats how long I have before I can go home..woohoo! I'm really hanging out for this weekend, nothing special is happening..probably spending Saturday at the markets and on Sunday I have no Toodles or kids to hang out with, this week has dragged on too long.
There have been some mixed feelings from people about our government handing out the stimulus payments to eligable Australians but I think it's great and am really excited about it! We have already received close to $3000 for the kids and Toodles being classes as a 'single' parent and in the next coming months we should be recieving a further $2000, so happy :) We will be putting the money towards buying a caravan and our artificial insemination proceedures that will be starting mid August. Thanks Ruddy!
I've just come across some pictures from my 21st...

Toodles copping a caking

Getting attacked with cake from my wifey

My awesome beer hat my best mate Snowy bought me, she topped it up with red vodka all night!

Cake cutting

Toodles taking over cake cutting duties

Smokie and I chillin in the pool

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The Fonaholics said...

Hi Miss K and thanks for reading my blog and wishing us luck! I hope your road is a lot shorter than ours. There are a fair few Australian Blogs out there, just a little hard to find sometimes. But they're there!So sorry to read about losing your little one. All the best!