Saturday, June 27, 2009

Needles and baby making

It seems like it's been so long since i've posted here, I have writted other posts but the net has been stuffing up so I have just saved them and will need to backdate them when I put them on :S We started the IUI process last week with the needles. Toodles wakes me up before work to give me the jab then I go back to sleep lol. It was all working out well until I had to go to Team Building with work and I had to jab myself...not fun :( If all goes to plan I go in for a scan next Wednesday for a scan to determine when we will be inseminating, I'm counting on this been anywhere between Thursday and Saturday :)

In other news the kids have just gotten their report cards back, Bluey is the top of his class while Pinky is still struggling but is showing great improvement :) The school counsilor diagnosed her with memory deficet disorder and a slight interllectual impairment a few weeks ago so now they have created a special learning program for her, hopefully that will help. At the moment the little munchkins are eating apples so they can plant the seeds out of them to grow their own tree...yes they definately are creative!

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