Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First call from DOCs

Well I got my first call today (after I sent out my obsessive letters) and was told that Docs at Tweed Heads don't deal with applications anymore because they all go to Sydney's Head Office. We were also told that most people are only taking under 5 year olds with infertile couples and lesbians only wanting children under 12months, the waiting period could be up to 6months! I guess thats a good thing and means parents in our area are taking good care of there kids. I just want a baby so bad :(
Yesterday I found out Donna has probably lost her license...well she got a 6 months suspension cause she was doing 110km in a 60km zone (she didnt read the signs going on the byron highway as all along the highway its 110km until you get to one spot and ist 60km) so now we are prob screwed as she works at ballina and we live in banora point (over 1hr drive) and if I end up having to drive her it will suck as I work at broadbeach/surfers paradise (1hr away from home) so overall my whole morning and night will be spent driving to and from our work places! I know things happen for a reason...I just need to find out that reason!

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