Monday, April 20, 2009

ahh the kiddies are back!

The kids got back yesterday afternoon from a week long holiday at there fathers, they seemed happy to be back (I think all the presents they had waiting for them at home made them more excited but I would like to think they were just happy to see me lol). I thought about packing their bags and sending them back after their huge yelling/singing trip to nannys in the car this morning (only kidding)

Pinky: " Tell me lies, Tell me lies, whoa whoa, Poker face..."

Bluey (singing over the top of pinky): "Poker mumma...bad mumma, bad mumma"

Pinky:"stop it, its my song.....Kristy, Lukas is not singing right"

Bluey: "mumma mia, here we go again, my my how can I kiss ya, mumma mia here we go again, my my how can I find ya"

Pinky: "oh my god Lukas, oh my god!"

Me: Laughing

Bluey: "I sing good don't I"

On the fostering side of things we still have not heard anything, I did send a letter to Doc's yesterday asking whats going on (do we sound a lil obsessive?) so hopefully we will hear something soon. We also went out and bought a car on Saturday, it's a 7 seater so it will hold alot of kiddies :) Can you tell that we are over confident.

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