Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've landed my self in hospital already!

Yesterday I was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure, high heart rate, too much protein and my liver was not working the way it's supposed to. The specialists say that I could possibly have pre-eclampsia and need to keep the bub in till 33 weeks (1 and a half weeks away) or I will be transfered to a bigger hospital. Baby looks fine though it's just me with the problem..bleh. Bub is weighing around 4 pound 5 and is measuring bigger then his due date, they also gave me a steroid shot to mature bubs lungs just in case. I was visiting mum for a week with the intention of taking the kids back with me on the plane this morning but the poor kids have been shafted to the grandparents house. Toodles will be coming down for a week but I will have to stay with mum until the baby arrives as I cannot fly. Fingers crossed everything is fine.


Larna said...

Hope you are keeping well. Bummer about being grounded at your Mums!

Kyles said...

Rest up and don't risk anything. This is just too precious!