Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to the world Ahlia Maree West!

Baby Ahlia

Proud Aunty Toodles

Proud Aunty K

Proud exhausted Parents, Andrew and Lisa

After 2 and a half days of labor Lisa and Andrew made it to the finish line. Baby Ahlia (pronounced ah-lee-ah) was born the 24/9/2009 at 8:04am 7pound 11 ounces and 53cms long. The 24th is the day of my brothers birthday and 8:04am is the day Lisa was born so that was timed perfectly. It wasn’t an easy birth and we all held our breaths there for a while. Lisa’s blood pressure was sky high and no Dr had checked on her for hours, the labor ward was full so they had to be sent to another floor. Lisa was supposed to have her waters broken but by 1am in the morning when her contraction were 45sec apart the Drs still hadn’t broken her waters…they were left in a room by themselves till there was a bed on the labor ward! When she was pushing bubs out bubs heart kept dropping, they then found out the cord was around her neck. I don’t know the full birthing story but Lisa ended up getting an epidural and a fair few internal stitches and was hooked up to a catheter yesterday when we saw them. Hers and my parents haven’t even met yet so I guess we have one up on them as we met the parents last night lol. Her aunt, uncle cousins and nan ‘Oma’ was also there too and the aunt was quizzing Donna and I once she found out we were together lol (not in a bad way though). I would not recommend Gold Coast Hospital to anyone..they are terrible! Ahlia was so cute but for the first time I was not clucky over a new baby, Donna was though and kept asking to hold her again. I guess I’m just over all the trying and talking about it for the past 3 years, it literally has taken over my life. I went for my blood tests today and will find out this avo when I go in for a scan, I pray it is tomorrow and we inseminate Monday…I want all the needles to be over. I need it to work this month, please keep your fingers and toes crossed :)

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